Custom body painting is an amazing living, breathing art experience! It's incredibly eye-catching, and defines beauty in fresh terms. I create body art based on who you are, what you love; and when you move, it is even more uniquely your own. Working with fabulous portrait photographers like Devi Pride Photography, we capture these ephemeral moments for you to keep.   NOTE: Nudity not required! Show as much or as little as works for you.

I like to start with a meeting to get to know you, what visual styles speak to you, what you're excited about. Maybe we'll do an informal photo session to get some reference material and see what gestures happen naturally. I'll take some time on my own to think and sketch. When we have a direction we like, we'll book photo studio time and plan an all day painting session, listening to music, chatting, snacking together. 

When the pictures are done, you'll choose favorites from a gallery of proofs. The photographer and I will then put the finishing touches on (digitally fixing any paint smudges, etc) and your finished piece will be printed on paper or canvas to be a piece of art that hasn't washed down the drain, but can be hung on your wall.

I love how people light up when they see themselves as art! 

Some uses for portraits are Wall Art; Invitations; Anniversary Momentos; Festival costumes; Profile Pics; Announcements; Valentine Gifts; …I know there's more: what are your ideas??

“I’m glad I trusted you – What a great experience!!!”

“I’m glad I trusted you – What a great experience!!!”

Brenda displayed real sensitivity and care in everything she did – it was like we were exploring something together – and the outcome was perfect for what I wanted. Overall I could not have been better cared for. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would give her a 15!!!!
— Tim
...what truly sets Brenda apart is her generosity, kindness and curiosity. In working with her, I was consistently delighted by the way she interacted with me and my girlfriend. She has a strong artistic sense, but is also very open to conversation and collaboration, and we were left with the feeling that we were so much more than “canvases” upon which to paint, but that who we are and even how we were feeling that particular day, became fully integrated into the painting. The painting experience itself also felt surprisingly fun and relaxed, and Brenda regularly checked in about temperature, comfort, and really set a wonderful setting for a day of painting. Ultimately what I am left with is a sense of deep appreciation and gratitude. We left feeling warm, safe, comfortable, and really excited about the quality of the photos and the amazing interplay between the painting and our movement.
— David